Change in the Gaming World?

The Netflix of Gaming

A new company is in the mist that’s got all the gamers excited. Utomik will soon be the new way to rent a game at a low price. Personally, I think this is great because it fits into the type of gamer I am. A majority of gamers (including me) want to be able to try out a game, beat it, and be done with it without paying $60 plus. Utomik brings this to it’s costumers, where costumers only need to pay a monthly fee and have access to all games their system has to offer. Just like Netflix, the bigger Utomik gets the bigger gaming titles they will have available for their costumers.

utomik-screenshotAt the moment Utomik is targeting to charge $10 a month for any available game they have for PC. Why PC?? Utomik founder Chris Linden says the demographic their aiming for are regularly playing to serious gamers and these players they believe will own at least a PC that’s strong enough to run games. A player who subscribes will be able to download a game to their PC and then play it as many times as they want as long as they pay the monthly fee. Well what if you cancel Utomik, how will they control whether I play the game or not? Well that’s part of their software. It will require you to have an active account in order to keep playing your downloaded games.

Nonetheless, I think Utomik will bring new change to the gaming world just as Netflix brought to the movie world. Similar companies like Utomik would be GameFly. The difference between Utomik and GameFly is that GameFly ships the games to you and is more catered to console gamers. GameFly has a monthly fee depending on how many games you rent out each month (only 1 or 2) and you can keep the game as long as you want, as long as you pay. For those who are PC gamers, Utomik will be quite similar to Steam with the exception of the monthly fee and their claim to have quick download speed.

Personally, I think this is a great coming because I’ve recently got into PC gaming and I rarely buy games because they are so expensive. The most that I pay for a PC game is $15 and that normally includes small gaming titles and indie games (no big titles). If I could pay just $10 a month for all the games I want I would love it! The only time I play video games really is during the summer so I wouldn’t mind spending $40 for unlimited games. BUT I would have to hear from someone else who gives Utomik a try before I jump in. I want to know what kind of games they offer and how well their software works (if it has constant crashes or if runs slow or not). I would have to give this company a year before I bought into it and if it gets good reviews then I may invest earlier. But without a doubt I will have to give Utomik a try. Does this sound too good to be true? Maybe. Only time will tell.

Utomik Logo

*whispers* “unlimited” as long as it’s not a big title…

One dislike: With triple A titles (for example a new Call of Duty game) Utomik will have the publishers decide how much they want their games to go for price-wise (so you may be paying extra bucks for high titled games). Though when the price of the game drops in the market then the game will move down into the “free” available games.

An actual start date for Utomik hasn’t been announced but you can sign up for the closed beta and can begin the experience when they email that the beta is open for use. As Utomik calls it, their currently in “Silent Ninja Mode” where their system is still being play tested.

Here’s their trailer! Decide if you get excited.

Will you give it a try?