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Biggest Student Detriment: Procrastination

The problem that may plague a majority of students in college is procrastination. When it comes to completing and turning in assignments by the deadline, several Winthrop students said they’re usually rushing because they procrastinated up until the due date.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, to procrastinate is “to delay doing something until a later time because you do not want to do it.” When searching for ways to end procrastination some students said it’s best to find your reason why you procrastinate.

Kandace Washington, a sophomore mass communication major at Winthrop University, said “I hate when I procrastinate. But usually it’s because I much rather catch up on my TV shows on Netflix then write a four page paper on population and migration.” So how does she solve her problem?


“It’s really difficult to force myself to fully concentrate on a paper but I tell myself if I finish it I can watch all the TV shows on Netflix until the next homework assignment and with no worries,” Washington said. This is a solution a majority of asked Winthrop students responded with.

However, “six out of ten times I still procrastinate on my assignment and turn to Netflix,” Washington said. Saying it’s not a definite solution.

Katelyn Jackson, a sophomore marketing major at Winthrop University, had a different solution to propose. “I seriously procrastinate on almost all of my assignments. I can’t help it but I try so hard to not that I think it almost makes it worse.”


“I try to trick myself. I tell myself its due sooner than it really is and really try to convince myself its due on that date,” Jackson said. However for her, “I’d say three out of ten times that actually works for me, because it’s hard to trick yourself.” Just a few other students also said that this was a method they use.

Not only are students suffering from procrastination but so are professors. Nathaniel Frederick, assistant professor of mass communications, said “the more things I have on my plate I keep replaying it in my head over and over again until it comes close to the deadline.”

“In order to help myself, I bought a white board to see visually what needs to get done and I feel more organized. It doesn’t always work but it helps.” Frederick feels the best solution is learning to prioritize what’s most important for yourself in life (which should be your work) and make it the top of your list.


What’s your best reasoning for procrastination? Solutions?

Audio Slide Show

Diversity at Winthrop University

My most recent project for my mass communication class was to create a video picture slide show of diversity here at Winthrop University. I thought of something that a lot of people on campus would like to see and I myself, dorm rooms. So for the project I went to three different dorm room buildings and knocked on some doors. I definitely enjoyed taking pictures of the different dorms and getting see how people create their temporary home in different ways. Without further ado, I share with you my first project.

Best Wing Places


I wanted my next post to be about something very close to my heart…food!

If you were to ask me what my favorite food is I will say without hesitation, wings. Top wing places of mine include Zaxaby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Chief’s (a sports bar and grill in Greenville). However, I am always searching for new places for great wings.

This year I was introduce to heaven on Earth literally right across the street from my dorm room, Wingbonz. I told my very good friend about my obsession with wings and that I was having a mad craving. She told me about the great Wingbonz and I said “okay, why not!”

Wingbonz’s menu, of course, mainly consists of wings but in addition has hamburgers, nachos, tacos and a few more choices. Price-wise I was concerned ($10 for 10 wings and side of fries is what I always get) but once I tasted the food and couldn’t finish it all, you sure do get your moneys worth. The wings themselves are delectable and savory and you definitely taste hormone-free in each bite, which is an important factor in eating wings. The fries, one would think they would not get as much attention, are amazing due to its perfect seasoning and crispy bite each time you order them. And to top it all off you must try there strawberry lemonade if you are willing to spend the extra dollar in addition to the $10.

Photo Sep 27, 8 44 39 PM  (My first meal)

I can rave over their food all day if I had the time but instead I will highly recommend you to give this place a try if you’re looking to taste something mind blowing. I can eat at Wingbonz everyday and I don’t say that about any place.



Norman Ng the Magician

This is my first blog post and I’m extremely excited because I have never done this before. So here I go!

Last Thursday, after convincing my friends to go with me, I attended a Winthrop DSU event featuring the magician Norman Ng. I have a great fascination for things that aren’t describable. Not to mention I love a great laugh any chance I get and this magician was all the above.

When I entered into Dina’s Place (where it was held) there was about eight people who were in there and the show was due to start in five minutes. I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way but the less people the better. The magician was standing in the front entrance greeting us and telling us to don’t hesitate to sit in the second row because he wanted us to sit close to him and we did. While waiting for more people to show up he began talking to us and the other few people. He asked where were we from and where it was and a few other questions. This guy already had me hooked because of the one-on-one talk he decided to have with his audience showing that he cares. Finally with about 15 more people showing up he began the show.

From the beginning to the end I was entertained and smiling the whole way through. A couple of my friends went up and participated in his act and so did I! When I went up, I wasn’t sure what was happening in the magic trick because it was one that was meant for the audience to be deceive. My favorite trick he did is when he brought up an audience member and did the classic which hand is the ball in (in this case toilet tissue). However we were in on the joke too and could see that he was tossing all the tissues behind his head by tricking him to look a completely different direction.

Norman Ng’s show was all around great, hilarious, and entertaining. I always kept asking what’s next because he showed great acts each time. Every moment was filled with “Ooo and Ahhs'” from the crowd. And after his show he stayed and talked to us and his company was welcomed. I was trying to get a picture of him and when he saw me he asked if we could take a picture. I then posted our selfie on Instagram and he liked the photo! Which is an accomplishment because not a lot people like him take the time to do so. I would recommend anyone to see his show if your looking to laugh and be amazed.

Me awkwardly freaking him out. Selfie with the Magician

This is a video of some of the magic tricks he did.