Norman Ng the Magician

This is my first blog post and I’m extremely excited because I have never done this before. So here I go!

Last Thursday, after convincing my friends to go with me, I attended a Winthrop DSU event featuring the magician Norman Ng. I have a great fascination for things that aren’t describable. Not to mention I love a great laugh any chance I get and this magician was all the above.

When I entered into Dina’s Place (where it was held) there was about eight people who were in there and the show was due to start in five minutes. I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels this way but the less people the better. The magician was standing in the front entrance greeting us and telling us to don’t hesitate to sit in the second row because he wanted us to sit close to him and we did. While waiting for more people to show up he began talking to us and the other few people. He asked where were we from and where it was and a few other questions. This guy already had me hooked because of the one-on-one talk he decided to have with his audience showing that he cares. Finally with about 15 more people showing up he began the show.

From the beginning to the end I was entertained and smiling the whole way through. A couple of my friends went up and participated in his act and so did I! When I went up, I wasn’t sure what was happening in the magic trick because it was one that was meant for the audience to be deceive. My favorite trick he did is when he brought up an audience member and did the classic which hand is the ball in (in this case toilet tissue). However we were in on the joke too and could see that he was tossing all the tissues behind his head by tricking him to look a completely different direction.

Norman Ng’s show was all around great, hilarious, and entertaining. I always kept asking what’s next because he showed great acts each time. Every moment was filled with “Ooo and Ahhs'” from the crowd. And after his show he stayed and talked to us and his company was welcomed. I was trying to get a picture of him and when he saw me he asked if we could take a picture. I then posted our selfie on Instagram and he liked the photo! Which is an accomplishment because not a lot people like him take the time to do so. I would recommend anyone to see his show if your looking to laugh and be amazed.

Me awkwardly freaking him out. Selfie with the Magician

This is a video of some of the magic tricks he did.