Best Wing Places


I wanted my next post to be about something very close to my heart…food!

If you were to ask me what my favorite food is I will say without hesitation, wings. Top wing places of mine include Zaxaby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Chief’s (a sports bar and grill in Greenville). However, I am always searching for new places for great wings.

This year I was introduce to heaven on Earth literally right across the street from my dorm room, Wingbonz. I told my very good friend about my obsession with wings and that I was having a mad craving. She told me about the great Wingbonz and I said “okay, why not!”

Wingbonz’s menu, of course, mainly consists¬†of wings but in addition has hamburgers, nachos, tacos and a few more choices. Price-wise I was concerned ($10 for 10 wings and side of fries is what I always get) but once I tasted the food and couldn’t finish it all, you sure do get your moneys worth. The wings themselves are delectable and savory and you definitely taste hormone-free in each bite, which is an important factor in eating wings. The fries, one would think they would not get as much attention, are amazing due to its perfect seasoning and crispy bite each time you order them. And to top it all off you must try there strawberry lemonade if you are willing to spend the extra dollar in addition to the $10.

Photo Sep 27, 8 44 39 PM  (My first meal)

I can rave over their food all day if I had the time but instead I will highly recommend you to give this place a try if you’re looking to taste something mind blowing. I can eat at Wingbonz everyday and I don’t say that about any place.